Burglar Alarm
Residential and Comercial

Security alarm systems are a good option for home security.  They provide peace of mind as well
your system 24 hours a day and alert you or the police in case something goes wrong. A Home
Alarm System usually consists of a control panel, a central monitoring station, key fobs, sirens,
door and window sensors, motion detectors, video monitoring and panic buttons.  

How does an alarm system work?
First, the alarm systems’ sensors are prompted by movement or the opening of a door, the
system gives you about 60 seconds to disarm the system.  If the alarm is not disarmed within that
time frame the monitoring company receives a message from the system through the telephone
lines or a wireless device.  The monitoring company calls the homeowner to verify the alarm; if
they do not receive the correct pass code or an answer they will notify the police.   

Security Alarm Video

Honeywell Security  Residential

Home & Small Business Security System
Security system includes 1 keypad, 1 motion detector, main panel, 1 back up battery and phone
connections. This special is for the home or small business owner. If your home or small business
is not wired then the wireless system is recommended.

Wireless Security System
Wireless security system includes main panel, 2 door/window wireless contacts, 1 wireless motion
detector, back up battery and phone connections. This system is easily expandable to include up
to 22 total doors or windows. We also have wireless smoke detectors, glass breakage detectors
CO detectors and much more.

Both system use standard phone lines for monitoring. Without a phone line, it is more to add
cellular monitoring service Also both systems are based on a 3 year contract for monitoring at
$29.95 a month. If you do want a contract then you can pay for your equipment and installation.

Commercial Security Systems
All places of business are different so please call or email us for a quote.

Monitoring Service
Have a security system already? Switch and save!

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